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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Summer minimalism : the perfect one - piece!

Trempling eyelids as the sunrays hit them along with the sea breeze...as the eyes open they meet with the perfect blue shade....summer waking by the sea!

But this is just daydreaming for me as I haven't YET been on holiday!! And as days go by the urge for traveling is getting stronger and stronger...already planned travelling! This time I intend to relax, just swim allday long and go with the flow...The perfect island for this kind of vacation is Anafi. People whose opinion matters a lot to me have reassured me about that. 

So a large suitcase with tones of clothing is just ...out of the question!! Only a bathing suit, long scarf and big straw hat....you know what I mean don't you?! Oh I need perfect one - piece... 

Neutral colour, great fit and soft material...the kind of suit you can wear all day long from the monring diving to the evening coctail at the beach bar...too much to ask? Of course not...come along with me and meet THE one....

minimal design, great fabric, perfect fit ...and my favourite grey shade - I choose to wear my greys and refuse to READ them ( hehe)

So this backless beauty I intend to wear with a pareo or a denim A line skirt .

Ballerina flats for the evenings ....

...metallic birksfor the first light of the day!

and the absolute shadow provider.....the big black straw hat!

Minimal, cool and chic.....

Packed with the greater mood and off to paradise!!!

Lots of salty kisses!


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