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Sunday, 26 March 2017

A hygge kind of life : ginger syrup

Last but not least, the nurturing hygge trick I enclose in my everyday routine : the soothing syrup.
As nature all around blossoms all you want to do is stop and..smell the roses! But the extra pollen in the air can be sooooo disturbing!! My throat - especially in the mornings - feels sore and harsh.

Or it felt this way until I started having ginger syrup first thing in the morning and last thing before sleep...it is spicy enough to calm throat but  kind of sweet as well. It makes you feel soothed and nurtured and refreshed! And very easy to make it at home...

Here is how to :

Unpeel three ginger root fingers and cut them in small cubes. Put them in a pan with three cups of filtered water and bring them to a boil. Then add a cinnamon stick and / or a star annice and let it simmer in low heat for about an hour - until water is reduced in half. Remove syrup of heat and add honey to your taste. Let it cool in room temperature and store in the fridge - it can be refrigerated for up to three months.



y ❤

Sunday, 19 March 2017

A hygge kind of life : cashmere hug

 If you are looking for a way to feel hygge - ness (I am not sure that term even exists but..you get my point!) on your body ....well cashmere is what you might need.
That soft, fluffy touch that keeps you warm without the itching of pure thick wool. 

I picked my cashmere sweaters from Premium Quality line at H&M on line store, a good value for money choice. They are soft, loose ended turtleneck sweaters in two of my favorite neutral colours : 
dark sky grey and cinnamon brown. Thin in textile but warm enough for those chilly early spring afternoons.

You can go a long way  depending on how much you intend to spend on investing on a good sweater. The higher the part of pure cashmere in the blend the higher the price. But it's worth the splurge! You are about to have a cuddling feeling on your skin all day long. Not to mention the endless styling options to go with it as neutral and easy fitting...what's not to love?!


y ❤

Sunday, 5 March 2017

A hygge kind of life : at home with a newborn

Well here we are...several months after the days I looked like this   and talked to you about baby bump styling and pregnancy stuff...and now here I am with a five - already! - month old baby girl lying in my arms...my sweet baby Nike.

Things - as you already know, you who 've been there - haven't been easy breezy..! Life turns upside down, you need to find yourself again among a tone of stuff you neither knew they existed nor imagined would exist in your everyday routine! That's why it took me some time to get back to showing up here.

First days at home with Nike where...well...pure frenzy! I was a mess coping up with a newborn which refused to breastfeed - are you familiar with the term inverted nipples? NO good for feeding baby! - a breast pump which I HATED and a blue feeling making me shed tears all the time. On top of it I had to get back to work just 20 (!) days after I delivered the baby - not full time but still...And the worst part : I thought I was losing me in all this baby staff. I felt I couldn't connect with her or my loved ones, who did everything in their power to help.

But there is a magic word about this phase that I came to realize soon enough to help me come back to my senses...the word temporal. Yes. Everything you find so difficult in those early days will



Time is so full that flies so quickly that you 'll find yourself in a more comfortable position before you know it. Your body will heal itself and your baby will adjust in livinig out of your body and you will come to find peace and strength and confidence. Life is about to give you hygge moments and that is true magic!

I first came across the term hygge - pronounced 'heu-guh' - when I visited Copenhagen two years ago. Now it is topping  trend among lifestyle blogs. Let me tell you how I experienced this Danish way of everyday hapiness.

It was New Year's Eve in Copenhagen, the concert at the Opera had just finished and we were about to attend the restaurant at the top floor. But wait! A beautiful lady of the staff just got in my way. "Have you made reservations for the box?" asked me in fluent english. "The Box?? Is that the name of the restaurant upstairs? Well no but if someone has cancelled.." She kindly interrupted me.. " No, you didn't understand. The restaurant - as most of the restaurants and bars tonight in Denmark - will be closed so as the staff would have the oppurtunity to spend New Year's with their families. But we offer a box full ogf goodies to enjoy at home. If you have already reserved it of course..." Well we ended up eating street food fromm a canteen truck but that's another story to tell....!

My point here is that in Denmark quality family time is highly valued. They really appreciate the cosyness and warmth of the home nest and choose to slow down and enjoy their moments together. Hygge is all about small, simple things that make life lovely. Things that matter as the moments around your newborn, the silence when you feed her in the middle of the night, the soft feeling of your warm alpaca robe in which you practically live in those days, the refreshing water running on your skin as you shower while baby napps, the loving cuddle in your partner's arms as you are both exhausted.

So I decided to embrace this philosophy and try to make the most of these difficult yet wonderful new experiences as new mother.I downloaded Overwhelmed - a book of serious journalism and actual useful advice about time management in everyday life. I keep a list - to - do (nothing fancy, just a list on i pnone notes app). I started researching for my thesis. I started blogging again.

 I try to find time to just pause...and breathe.

Things are going to be a little different around here! I won't get mommy yummy on you, don't worry ...;). Just posts around designing everyday life ...with a little extra baby something!

I leave you for now. Following posts are about about a few tricks on  how to get a little more hygge in your life.

Until then...make a cop of hot coffee with me and enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Lots of kisses!


Friday, 20 January 2017

A march of ladies


It's the year 2017. Yet sometimes it feels like we live in the middle ages. People all around the world still fight each other over religious matters or matters of ethnicity. Or pretend to do so. People all around the world still make fun of other people's disabilities. People all around the world still can't accept the homosexuality as a natural state of being. People all around the world still think of women as inferior, behave violently towards them and deny them their human rights. And these people vote.

The result of all of this resentment and hate that grows among us is the election of extreme politicians - politicians like Donald Trump as the president of the U.S or the fascist parties that keep gaining ground on European parliaments. 

Donalt Trump is about to have his first day in office tomorrow. But also he will  confront a huge gathering. Ladies and all people who support the goal will march peacefully 
in Washington DC tomorrow. 

It all started  when Teresa Shook was so disappointed from the result of the elections that  she turned to Facebook and asked: What if women marched on Washington around Inauguration Day en masse? And after that everything went viral...

Today thousands of people have registered for the march. Also 616 "sister" marches are about to take place all over the world. I am very happy to see that a sister march is about to happen here in Athens, Greece as well. And I urge you to be part of it.

Some might say that this is another America oriented thing, that some might gain profit from it and other conspiracy theories which my mind can't even imagine. But even if there was any truth in all of that, I wouldn't care. Because tomorrow lots of people will just follow their heart, will unite and march for a cause so noble, so uplifting. I intend to join those people, support them. I want those people to lead and reform our world, a world where my newborn daughter is about to be bred.

Aren't you?


More information on the march here : Women's March


Thursday, 29 September 2016

Baby loading : 24h bump styling with Storq bundle

It was one of those beautiful slightly chilly early mornings - first days of fall are so refreshing! When you grab a cosy knit and go out in the balcony to feel the first sun rays on your face as you breathe the crisp air. Mmmmm....

So I closed my eyes and made a quick plan for the day : early morning coffee while catching up with my favorite blogs for inspiration and then a walk around an open market for ...whatever findings (!), afternoon tea with girlfriends for some chit chatting, date night for movie and drinks - "oh lets figure out what to wear" said to myself and opened my closet - but WAIT! I almost forgot ...I am 37 WEEKS PREGNANT!!!

( and on a bad hair day as well ) 


I know you feel me. At least all of you who didn't actually anticipate to cover themselves under strange roomy garments called 'maternity clothes'. Those who wanted to continue feeling in their own skin while carrying their little one. 

These were the thoughts floating around my mind when I came across Storq at the beginning of my pregnancy.  I was absolutely amazed by their philosophy behind the Storq bundle : a convenient prepackaged collection of four luxe essentials, designed to accompany you throughout all nine months! Four basics made of soft and eco - friendly fabrics that can be combined with pieces from your wardrobe. Price is quite reasonable, considering the quality of garments which can be used postpartum as well. It was a dream come true for me! And the service is excellent, too. As the company didn't ship to Greece, all it took for me was an email and a few days later they responded they would gladly sent me the garments - they landed on my door soon after that!

So back to the chilly morning - care to see how I styled my activities throughout that day?
Here is the long tank, worn as a dress, cozy and soft enough for my morning routine, 

the leggings, perfect for a long walk around the market,

the skirt, a black midi that enfolds around the belly, sooo sic and comfortable at the same time - and off to meet the girls!

Last, my favorite of all fours, the dress. A lovely LBD that can go a long way from morning to evening, worn here with a vest and booties, ideal for the date night out!!!

And some pregnancy clumsiness ( I keep dropping everything!!! )

So what do you think? Would you go for the bundle??? Please do tell me...


y ❤️

* you can check out more about Storq here

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Baby loading : just another pregnancy diary #not

        Well ...hello! It's been quite a while my friends, I know I know...cause life can be quite unpredictable. When you think you have it all figured out, something happens and everything is..turned upside down!!

Being busy handling job obligations, sticking to a posting schedule and trying to begin writing my thesis a few months ago, news hit me like a hammer...

.... pregnancy test positive!!! No there is no doubt, I am pregnant alright! 

To be honest here, nothing happened without my absolute consent. Me and my man are two grownups who made the decision to start trying to...make a baby!! But someone overestimated herself as being prepared for what was about to happen...

No  I wasn't ready for the whole transformative period in a woman's life that is called pregnancy. I mean everything happened really fast - and I am of course grateful for that! - but still... 

So there I was in my first trimester feeling absolutely scared and a little bit depressed ...until nausea started to show its ugly face and I got really messed up.....didn't really have the courage to do all those things that actually give me fuel to keep up with life's challenges. Had to postpone blogging, yoga or researching for my Msc!! That was a hard one for me. On top of that I had to force myself show up at work when the only thing I felt like doing was sleeping all day long!!!

Then the second trimester came along and things started to get better - feeling the first moves of my little one was somehow liberating and uplifting, I really needed that. A relaxing vacation close to the sea made me feel much better - at beautiful Melitsina in Kardamili (Peloponnese), you should check it out! Swimming during pregnancy turns out to be  soothing and energy boosting at the same time. 

And all that led me to my third trimester....and having to keep up with it during the HOT HOT HOT greek summer!!! But somehow I managed to survive through severe back aches, hot flashes, digestional problems ( and lack of sleep because of the previous ) and organise the nursery, do some baby upbringing reading  and stay positive - most of the days anyway! And here I am now at the end of it all, anticipating to meet this little lady I 've been spending my time with all those months...
Well before I leave you to go and be... a mother (!), I would like to share some thoughts - this is dedicated to all of you who didn't actually ....fancy being pregnant like me :

  •  emotions are going to undertake your world; it's ok, it's the hormones, so just take a deep breath and experience it...it shall pass!!                                                                  
  • there will be some body aching, especially if you are an over - 35 - preggo girl! It is absolutely normal...
  • googling during pregnancy is an absolute NO, NO and NO!! ( Unless it is for searching styling tips about you or your little one...:) ). Find a doctor and a midwife that you trust and confide all your worries in them.
  • try not to gain much weight - everything will be much easier this way. But even if you don't manage that, don't be hard on yourself. You 'll have plenty of time to deal with it postpartum.
  • don't lose yourself - pregnancy is just another period in a woman's life, a period of growth. So stay true to yourself and your ways, keep up with your favorite activities as much as you can, don't let fear take control over you.
  • style your bump up!! I have an upcoming post about that, stay tuned....
  • there will be lots, LOTS of opinions from people around you. Most of them mean well but if it makes you uncomfortable just kindly ask them not to share with you...or get yourself some earplugs!!!
  • read "Bringing up bebe" - soooo enjoyable!
  • don't underestimate your partner or loved ones; they can be true life savers if you just let them.
  • at the end of the day all that matters is to ensure healthy conditions for you and your little one!

And that's about it I guess.... 

Hope you come along with me in this new unknown path of my life...I intend to take one step at a time and keep... blogging about it!

Lots of hugs and kisses from baby - loaded me....

y ❤️

*the above illustration was inspired from Christopher David Ryan's work. Go check him out!


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