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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Style it like a Brit !

So you 've made the cake , you 've found the company and it is time to get ready and enjoy your afternoon tea ...but ...wait a second...WHAT SHOULD YOU WEAR??! Yeah, that is our favourite topic here, as you must have already noticed it. So let's see how to put a British style outfit together!

My version is quite simple..I prefer feeling in my own skin when sitting around and enjoying nice tea and chit chat. Have to feel comfortable but not too comfortable because that would mean staying in my pyjama playsuit.. !!  
My favourite British girl of all times is the one and only Kate - not the duchess - Moss. Her style is effortless yet interesting yet sexy. Too good too be true?! Not really, if you ask me

Just take a pair of high quality men's shoes like those oxfords above...  


....pic your favourite graphic T - shirt ( mine has a little crown on it cause know..god bless the queen!! ) with a pair of jeans or black tailored trousers...

...throw on your grey coat or blazer and off  to your destination feeling  chic and comfy at the same time! If you want to add some sophistication elements, eyeglasses can be a useful tool...or not! It depends on the item..:):)

And that's about it! So what do you think? Any suggestions?


y ❤️  

Monday, 16 November 2015

The perfect afternoon tea company: Suzy Menkes

Perfect tea etiquette requires a perfect company....I can't think anyone more perfect than Suzy Menkes! Oh Mrs Menkes is one of my favourite fashion journalists - I would certainly love to sit back and listen to her fashion stories while enjoying my cap of earl grey....

And what fascinating stories would the 72 year old lady share...Yes, she has entered the sixth decade of her life but nothing about her resembles to the idea we have about ladies in their seventies! Wearing her trademark pompadour she literally surfs around fashion shows, ready to write her critics - favourable or negative, it is always respected by the fashion crowd. Because the viral question after the shows is always: "Did you read Suzy?"

She is a native Brit based in Paris. She started her career at London Evening Standard but it was International Herald Tribune that became her home office for 25 years. Until 2014 when she decided to join Conde Nast's international Vogue editions, as -in her own words - nothing is more international than fashion. She embraced digital revolution and social media - her instagram account is constantly updated! 

But what I truly respect and admire about her is that she. has. an. opinion. And speaks it out loud! And sticks to it! Do you remember her article "The Circus of Fashion" back in 2013? Fashion bloggers had already conquered the front row and streetstyle photographers where doing the busy bee dance outside the shows. Mrs Menkes referred to all this as if it were a circus full of cocky people who took outfit - bribes. People who bragged instead of reporting their actual point of view...if they had any!! Quite sarcastic I must admit...

But not narrow minded, by all means not! She is absolutely supportive in new ideas and perspectives.  You can see her above posing among Peter Lindbergh and Thierry Maxime Loriot - the curator of the 2016 Lindbergh exhibition at Kunsthal Museum Rotterdam Holland. An anti - fashion exhibition as the famous photographer states in his interview to Menkes.

Furthermore she was one of the first among fashion people to have noticed that designers are being asked too much - "fashion is crashing" she declared as soon as Raf Simons and Alber Elbaz left their jobs as top designers. Creative people are not meant to be drained out in the name of marketing and sales because it is their creativity that makes fashion in the first place...  

And in case you were wondering, this strong lady has created a beautiful family as well...the picture above is from Port Eliot Festival where she was humorously crowned as Queen of fashion. The little ladies in her arms are her own granddaughters!

I admire women like that. Women determined to live by their own rules and values, who share their thoughts openly and respect their time in this world trying to make the best of it. And treasure their dignity along their way...
In her own words:

 " I was brought up to believe a girl should never accept anything but flowers and chocolate"

Couldn't agree more!!

How about you? Who would like to spent an English tea afternoon with??

I'd love to read your thoughts...


y ❤️


Tuesday, 10 November 2015

An English Tea treat: violet chocolate cake with apple


Well Paul couldn't have said it better so I 'll borrow his words to invite you:
"Would you care to sit with me for a cup of English tea?"

I've been interested in this afternoon tea ritual for quite some time now - maybe because I'm always at work during afternoon time and never - ever - get the chance to enjoy it?? 

I bet Anna Russell, the Duchess of Bedford who is credited for the creation of this ritual around 1800 - afternoon tea with some snack - had all the time in the world to enjoy it! So afternoon tea was transformed into a light meal in order to stop her stomach from complaining. Until dinner time of course... 

Tea rooms, where one can enjoy this meal, can still be found in the countryside at least. As afternoon tea became fashionable somehow, an etiquette was built around it....and the ritual is considered to be a social event until this day. Brits and proper manners get along my friends for centuries!

So the perfect afternoon English tea is supposed to be served between 3:30pm and 5pm, or else it is called "high tea". Lovely items must be gathered - time to use this china you stored in cupboard for ages!! The tea pot should be warmed before you pour boiling water into it. You want to use your china not destroy it!! 

Tea bags are absolutely out of question...only fine tea leaves should be put  into your pot. After the infusion takes place - 3 to 5 minutes is the usual time for that - you ( the host or hostess ) serve your guests the first cup. Milk, lemon, sugar, honey and all kinds of savoury and sweet treats must be provided! Sugar cubes with your fingers on and slice of lemon in the cup for too long are definitely no and no. And be careful of that pinky finger when you raise your cup....just keep it down!!    

But as far as I am concerned.... the CAKE is the most important thing! So I decided to create my own little ritual the previous Saturday afternoon when I came across this recipe of a chocolate cake. A cake with delicious apple and chocolate cubes unfolding in your mouth with the first bite....mmmmmm!

After the cake was done I grabbed my favourite woollen scarf and up on my terrace to enjoy a cup of earl grey while watching the sun go down...I prefer my cup with lemon and just a pinch of brown sugar, so brought all the necessary stuff along...


Would you like a bite too??

Here is what you need :

  • 400 gr brown sugar
  • 220 gr real unsalted butter
  • 4 medium fresh eggs
  • 120 ml water
  • 500 gr self - rising flour
  • 3 tablespoons cocoa powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 3 red apples sliced in cubes
  • 125 gr dark chocolate cut in large pieces
  • 125 gr white chocolate
  • blue and red pastry colours

Preheat the oven in 180 ° C. Beat the butter and sugar in a bowl for about 7 minutes to create a creamy texture. Add the eggs one by one and keep beating for about a minute. Add water, flour, cocoa powder and cinnamon. Beat until smooth. Add apple cubes and dark chocolate pieces. Mix in and pour the batter into a medium prepared pan. Bake for about 80 minutes on the low position in the oven or until the point of a knife comes out clean when inserted in the center. Meanwhile melt the white chocolate in bain marie and add some drops of the blue and red colour until you reach the desired violet shade. Cover your baked cake with the mixture are ready for your afternoon tea!!


I really enjoyed my peaceful time up there thinking about the Saturday evening to come and the plans I made for the following days...I think I might stick to this habit as the afternoons here in Greece are still warm and sunny...and even invite some to join me??
You are more than welcomed!!!


y ❤️


Tuesday, 3 November 2015

How to spend a day like Margot Tenenbaum...

What if you decided to spend a day like Margot? Just to change a donkey workTuesday into a little adventure.....

Well if I got to be Margot for a day, I would slip into my denim mini skirt and accompany that with a brightcoloured green T-shirt, grab my analog camera and burst out of home in the streets to capture the moody faces...

After getting bored of wandering around the streets, I would sit back on a bench in the park. Maybe even smoke a cigarette...and put something to fill a demanding belly - a girl has to eat!

Feeling satisfied and full of taste and images, I would return home to rest and prepare for the evening to come.

Light some candles and take a long bath. After playing some bubble games while thinking about my new posts, it would be time to pamper myself a little more...wear something light and do my nails perhaps?

Old fashioned nail polish takes its time to dry - perfect excuse to sit and read again favourite poetry about love and adhesion...

Reading of course made me lose track of time, diving into my own melancholy but......I should get ready for my evening out!!

Fur would be an integral part of my outfit and kohl eyeliner as well! Smudging around my eyes with the kohl and putting a golden barrette in my hair should be the last moves to complete the look. Ready to end the day in my favourite bar listening to old fashioned tunes with a glass of rose in hand ....

It would not be such a bad day after all - what do you think???


y ❤️   

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Margot's attidute: the seven ways for

As you must have already seen, Margot Tenenbaum is EVERYWHERE these days....
Since this rejuvenated Gucci collection last February, all fashion destinations - make it a magazine article , a blog post or a video - talk about the influence of this geeky persona!

I wonder....what is so unique about her? Hmmm let's think about it .... she could be just another film caricature yet she became the epitome of modern living with a vintage flair!

Here comes the brilliance of Wes Anderson I guess...

1. The girl choice. Well Gwyneth Paltrow was all things cool back then in early 00's. She has just won an Oscar award, had romances with Hollywood's favourite boys and we all looooved her effortless style. Nevertheless, there was a hazy sorrow in her smile...perfect for the role?
2. The adoption. Margot was not an actual Tenenbaum offspring. No no, royalty was not running through her veins!! She was as clever and exceptional but always an her behaviour was driven by that fact...yes. And that leads as to...

3. The writing. People who want to share but have difficulty in speaking the words they usually..write them down! And when they want to create their own new world to fit in they turn their writings into did Margot. Her theatrical plays are of course extraordinary are some titles : "Nakedness Tonight", "Erotic Transference", "Static Electricity"

4. The fur. There is always something weird and fragile in people who choose to wear fur everyday like Margot - and don't live in Norway...;). As if they are trying to create a warm cave around them in order to feel secure... and protected... and outstanding!!

5. The personalisation. A person who craves for making it's own mark in this world. Builds her style around it. Wears the same red barrette on her sleek cut bob, the same loafers and make up, personalises her pencils,  bears a wooden finger ....

6. The relationships. Married to a psychiatrist she does not feel attracted to and forever  secretly in love with her stepbrother, she is not the kind of girl any man would dream having an affair with....or maybe not??!          

 7. The originality. We have to admit it. No one ever looked like her! She is her own kind and maybe that is the way we all should allow ourselves to be; just the way we are.  Respect our identity. Evolve our strong points and cuddle our flaws.

As Margot pointed out when she was asked about not sewing back her severed finger :

"Wasn't worth it."

y ❤️

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