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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

My way of folk for fall!

In love with folk alright - with all those bright colours and embroidery! But when you have a more minimal approach to things... how is it possible to embrace this trend? Well.... firstly I think it is a matter of attitude. If you decide to follow something, find a way to own it! To make your point on the subject... 

For me the folk spirit is a free spirit. Imagine a modern Indian girl wandering around the streets of town, in her long, ruffled grey skirt and on her burgundy boots!

Her suede leather top is soft and draws a racerback line on her tanned skin. Reminds the way her ancestors were covered under animal skin...

The wind blows her long, wavy hair which she tries to keep under control with a colourful headband. As she passes by you can hear her bangles clinking around her wrists...

So I am going to be this girl today...being free to get out of town for a while...take a long walk into the woods and collect the first fall cyclamens. 

I think I feel the crisp cool breeze on my cheeks already....

Come and join me!



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