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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Style it like a Brit !

So you 've made the cake , you 've found the company and it is time to get ready and enjoy your afternoon tea ...but ...wait a second...WHAT SHOULD YOU WEAR??! Yeah, that is our favourite topic here, as you must have already noticed it. So let's see how to put a British style outfit together!

My version is quite simple..I prefer feeling in my own skin when sitting around and enjoying nice tea and chit chat. Have to feel comfortable but not too comfortable because that would mean staying in my pyjama playsuit.. !!  
My favourite British girl of all times is the one and only Kate - not the duchess - Moss. Her style is effortless yet interesting yet sexy. Too good too be true?! Not really, if you ask me

Just take a pair of high quality men's shoes like those oxfords above...  


....pic your favourite graphic T - shirt ( mine has a little crown on it cause ..you know..god bless the queen!! ) with a pair of jeans or black tailored trousers...

...throw on your grey coat or blazer and off  to your destination feeling  chic and comfy at the same time! If you want to add some sophistication elements, eyeglasses can be a useful tool...or not! It depends on the item..:):)

And that's about it! So what do you think? Any suggestions?


y ❤️  

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