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Thursday, 24 December 2015

Golden rose christmas mood...!

The candles are lit and the tree is decorated, the night is cold but home is all festive and cosy at the same time....Christmas mood is on! I chose the luring metallic glow of rose gold to colour my Christmas this year!

To show off some of my chemistry knowledge (!) - did you know what the consistency of rose gold is?? Just plain good old yellow gold with a little touch of copper!! A touch made so gently that gold looks as if it blushed a little....

So as being guilty for rose gold pleasures lately - new cell phone just landed! - I decided to decorate myself and my home in it! And develop golden mood board posts to share...so stay tuned!

Talking about Christmas mood...do you have any rituals that you enjoy repeating these days? You do? So am I! I really like slowing down a little...find ways to relax, have quality family time and some time to myself as well...To be able to enjoy a nice, fun reading - like LovexStylexLife for example.I 've just received the book and can't wait to get lost in it's glossy pages - Garance Dore's writings make you feel as if you have a delightful conversation with a close friend....

Because Christmas time well spent for me is all about people who we feel close to. Friends and family gathering around the fireplace, eating homemade sweets and doing some catching up. 

So I leave you with a short playlist to use as a soundrack for your gatherings or your preparation for any festivities you wish to take part or even just for gazing at your Christmas tree lights .....which is exactly what I am doing right now:


Just four days until Christmas....

Lots of golden kisses!

y ❤️

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