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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Styling the holiday : 3 things can't do without

 Well well ...New Year's Eve is around the corner already - time flies away when on holiday! Just like when you stuff your mouth with honey macarons - delicious greek Christmas treat - oh I love them! - and they fall apart before you even get to bite them....

As I already confided in you here , I choose to distress a little and calm down these days. But with a pile of invitations for every single day deciding what to wear can be proven quite stressful, no? Cause life is happening around getting dressed and not the other way round here - yes us fashion freaks DO exist and live among you people.....:):):)

So here's my stress - freeing - yet - glowing recipe for styling up the rest of our holiday;
3 things to make every regular outfit a little more festive!

The golden glove - shoe: 

Glowing with a medium heel, this golden ballet shoe is absolutely perfect! Comfortable enough to accompany you at your last minute shopping but with a sparkly hint. Style them up your with your high rise jeans, your man's striped shirt and a red lip.....

 The velvet jacket:

I have the holiday spirit covered in soft, rich, velvet in my mind so this gianduja - coloured jacket is always by my side these days....paired with jeans, LBDs or even brown velvet pants to create a suit.....just perfect!

 The luminizing make up:

Sparkling magic to use it wherever and whenever you feel like it, held in a jewel - shaped case; this luminator is a classic....

And that's about it! What do you think??? Are there any tricks you follow to get the sparkle on these days? Would love to know....

Wish you a wonderful time for the rest of the holiday and see you...next year!!!


y ❤️

  • Golden glove shoes, Topshop
  • Luminizing make up, Dior 
  • Vintage velvet jacket, personal collection

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