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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Baby loading : 24h bump styling with Storq bundle

It was one of those beautiful slightly chilly early mornings - first days of fall are so refreshing! When you grab a cosy knit and go out in the balcony to feel the first sun rays on your face as you breathe the crisp air. Mmmmm....
So I closed my eyes and made a quick plan for the day : early morning coffee while catching up with my favorite blogs for inspiration and then a walk around an open market for ...whatever findings (!), afternoon tea with girlfriends for some chit chatting, date night for movie and drinks - "oh lets figure out what to wear" said to myself and opened my closet - but WAIT! I almost forgot ...I am 37 WEEKS PREGNANT!!!
( and on a bad hair day as well ) 
I know you feel me. At least all of you who didn't actually anticipate to cover themselves under strange roomy garments called 'maternity clothes'. Those who wanted to continue feeling in their own skin while carrying their little one. 

These were the thoughts floating around my mind when I came across Storq at the beginning of my pregnancy.  I was absolutely amazed by their philosophy behind the Storq bundle : a convenient prepackaged collection of four luxe essentials, designed to accompany you throughout all nine months! Four basics made of soft and eco - friendly fabrics that can be combined with pieces from your wardrobe. Price is quite reasonable, considering the quality of garments which can be used postpartum as well. It was a dream come true for me! And the service is excellent, too. As the company didn't ship to Greece, all it took for me was an email and a few days later they responded they would gladly sent me the garments - they landed on my door soon after that!
So back to the chilly morning - care to see how I styled my activities throughout that day?
Here is the long tank, worn as a dress, cozy and soft enough for my morning routine, 

the leggings, perfect for a long walk around the market,

the skirt, a black midi that enfolds around the belly, sooo sic and comfortable at the same time - and off to meet the girls!

Last, my favorite of all fours, the dress. A lovely LBD that can go a long way from morning to evening, worn here with a vest and booties, ideal for the date night out!!!

And some pregnancy clumsiness ( I keep dropping everything!!! )


So what do you think? Would you go for the bundle??? Please do tell me...



* you can check out more about Storq here

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