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Sunday, 5 March 2017

A hygge kind of life : at home with a newborn

Well here we are...several months after the days I looked like this   and talked to you about baby bump styling and pregnancy stuff...and now here I am with a five - already! - month old baby girl lying in my arms...my sweet baby Nike.

Things - as you already know, you who 've been there - haven't been easy breezy..! Life turns upside down, you need to find yourself again among a tone of stuff you neither knew they existed nor imagined would exist in your everyday routine! That's why it took me some time to get back to showing up here.

First days at home with Nike where...well...pure frenzy! I was a mess coping up with a newborn which refused to breastfeed - are you familiar with the term inverted nipples? NO good for feeding baby! - a breast pump which I HATED and a blue feeling making me shed tears all the time. On top of it I had to get back to work just 20 (!) days after I delivered the baby - not full time but still...And the worst part : I thought I was losing me in all this baby staff. I felt I couldn't connect with her or my loved ones, who did everything in their power to help.

But there is a magic word about this phase that I came to realize soon enough to help me come back to my senses...the word temporal. Yes. Everything you find so difficult in those early days will



Time is so full that flies so quickly that you 'll find yourself in a more comfortable position before you know it. Your body will heal itself and your baby will adjust in livinig out of your body and you will come to find peace and strength and confidence. Life is about to give you hygge moments and that is true magic!

I first came across the term hygge - pronounced 'heu-guh' - when I visited Copenhagen two years ago. Now it is topping  trend among lifestyle blogs. Let me tell you how I experienced this Danish way of everyday hapiness.

It was New Year's Eve in Copenhagen, the concert at the Opera had just finished and we were about to attend the restaurant at the top floor. But wait! A beautiful lady of the staff just got in my way. "Have you made reservations for the box?" asked me in fluent english. "The Box?? Is that the name of the restaurant upstairs? Well no but if someone has cancelled.." She kindly interrupted me.. " No, you didn't understand. The restaurant - as most of the restaurants and bars tonight in Denmark - will be closed so as the staff would have the oppurtunity to spend New Year's with their families. But we offer a box full ogf goodies to enjoy at home. If you have already reserved it of course..." Well we ended up eating street food fromm a canteen truck but that's another story to tell....!

My point here is that in Denmark quality family time is highly valued. They really appreciate the cosyness and warmth of the home nest and choose to slow down and enjoy their moments together. Hygge is all about small, simple things that make life lovely. Things that matter as the moments around your newborn, the silence when you feed her in the middle of the night, the soft feeling of your warm alpaca robe in which you practically live in those days, the refreshing water running on your skin as you shower while baby napps, the loving cuddle in your partner's arms as you are both exhausted.

So I decided to embrace this philosophy and try to make the most of these difficult yet wonderful new experiences as new mother.I downloaded Overwhelmed - a book of serious journalism and actual useful advice about time management in everyday life. I keep a list - to - do (nothing fancy, just a list on i pnone notes app). I started researching for my thesis. I started blogging again.

 I try to find time to just pause...and breathe.

Things are going to be a little different around here! I won't get mommy yummy on you, don't worry ...;). Just posts around designing everyday life ...with a little extra baby something!

I leave you for now. Following posts are about about a few tricks on  how to get a little more hygge in your life.

Until then...make a cop of hot coffee with me and enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Lots of kisses!



  1. HYGGE ειναι αυτο που σε κανει πραγματικα ευτυχισμενο...η δυσκολη αλλα πολυ γλυκια καθημερινοτητα που δεν μπορουμε να χαρουμε...πολυ ομορφο αρθρο!!

    1. Ακριβώς αυτό...ευχαριστώ πολύ!
      y ❤️


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