Welcome to Yohanna!

This is a place for you to get inspired on how to recreate your everyday life through fashion, culture and great taste. No, I am not talking about ways on how escape from reality - cause eventually you are going to have to come back to it and that can be unbearable (!) - but on how to reform it. Please let me introduce myself and explain...

Who is Yohanna?

Well Yohanna actually! (he he) 
My name is Ioanna Sofra and I live in Greece, in a small island nearby Athens called Salamina. I have a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry and a MSc degree in Fashion Design and Management - quite contradictory ha? That's me alright...When I'm not into blogging about fashion and style living, I teach Chemistry! Working with kids in their teens takes my life to such a different level....My family just grew as I became a mother of a little lady, so my days - and nights (!) - are full of her! So some posts will be dedicated to living with style and a baby as well...Because becoming a mother has changed my life completely but not myself! I still care for fashion, art and design and long for inspiration by them in my everyday life. I wouldn't feel in my one skin otherwise.

What does 'Designing everyday life' mean?

As long as I can remember myself I was creating some kind of...mood boards to live by!  Being inspired by a random detail from fashion magazines, books, movies, music - all things culture - I would create my outfits, my meals, my place, my walks, my everyday life around it! And that made me feel sooooo uplifted!!! This passion was never fully expressed but all people close to me somehow knew it. My parents used to reward my excellent grades - nerdy little girl! - with a pile of fashion and lifestyle magazines. My husband knows exactly what a nice - ehm fashiony(!) - treat means to me. My girlfriends talk to me when in need to decide an outfit or a recipe. My students ask for my opinion when in visiting the mall...So that's why I created this space; I thought it would be great to communicate views of our everyday lives through an inspiration glass. A space that can be your destination for tips about bringing around aesthetics and creativity. Every two weeks or so I plan to choose something inspiring, figure out ways on how we could benefit from it and share them with you. Ways on how to design a life well I recently become a mom I think it's about to get trickier but I don't intent to give up, just try a little bit harder!

Why is that important?

Let me be honest here...things in Greece are quite difficult, as you might already know. Especially for creatives. With major economical issues - as in a lot of places all over the world - going on, we all struggle to keep our lives in balance. But I happen to believe that life is a beautiful struggle and that we can create the reality we choose to live in. I would love to help with that as much as I can...

Why Yohanna?

Yohanna was my nickname created by a wonderful man, close to my family, whose style and grace I admired so much as a little girl! Mr Zisis Chotos thank you for the inspiration...

Why in English?

There is only one reason for that and that is to enable communication. I love writing in greek, as it is my beautiful native language, but so many of you wouldn't know what on earth I'm talking about!! So I decided to begin writing my new posts in English and gradually translate my older ones. 

What is the meaning of those labels?

I have divided my posts in five labels:
  • embellishing for outfits inspiration
  • enlightening for thoughts and information about life and style
  • nurturing for simple, comfort food
  • wandering for visiting places
  • blinking for random moments
The first four will be under an aesthetic theme I declare at the beginning of the post series.

The last one is about pop up ideas transformed into a brief post - just checked in a blink of an eye!

What does the large header image of Yohanna represent?

My current mood! I like to change the photo according to ...what's trending on my mind...!

 Who's behind Yohanna?

Basically.......just me! I write my posts, shoot my pictures with my Nikon D 3200 camera and draw my simple illustrations with Paper. I know absolutely nothing about photo editing - plan to change that soon - any advise is more than welcome ! - and all my posts reflect my own opinion. Whenever I use someone else's work to help me create, I make sure I give them the credit they deserve.

That's about it, I guess. Thank you so much for stopping by and hope you'll enjoy spending your time here! Can't wait to meet you and listen to what you have to say, so feel free to drop your comments.

For any kind of communication you can contact me here:
If you prefer, you can also find me at yohanna's social media using the icons at the bottom of this page.

y ❤️ 

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