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Monday, 12 October 2015

Folk is for fall...!

It was about time you can say...about time to get back to every day routine. Or not! Cause fall means lots of different things that have one in common: fresh starts! 

It's that time of the year that you need to make plans for the days ahead. Plans to make your summery dreams and goals come alive and kicking! Oh how I love to daydream under the summer breeze. To drag all those hidden wishes and promise myself that this time they will come true.

Having plenty of time to think during summer, I often get spiritual....yes somehow trying to join positive forces and return to my roots - am I making any sense??? No, I am not loosing it! Just talking about meaningful and positive way of living here....

Bearing all those stuff in mind I came across this article , where Isabel Marant describes a typical day in her life. The successful designer has created a lifestyle where family bonding and simplicity rule. Yes, she even owns a cabin in the woods where she spends weekends cooking for family and friends! She draws inspiration from culture and traditions, like her Native American dolls collection. They are beautiful little pieces of art - I 'm going to talk to you about them soon, so stay tuned!  

And then it hit me! Maybe sometimes we need to get back to our roots before we take the next step forward. To embrace the old in order to create the new. That's how the folk trend for this Autumn  made me feel. Looking at all of those colourful textiles and different textures led me back then when people were wearing their traditional costumes, living closer to nature, closer to each other...
The following days I am going wander around the world of folk. Would you join me???

Here are some coloury details from traditional handmade rags I came across during my visit to this beautiful village :


Looking at them makes me feel like lying down and watching the flames....

First pic from here.


  1. Muy buena reflexión

  2. I have always been impressed by the folk!
    It's amazing how beautifully different colors come together and create a particular pattern!



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