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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Margot's attidute: the seven ways for

As you must have already seen, Margot Tenenbaum is EVERYWHERE these days....
Since this rejuvenated Gucci collection last February, all fashion destinations - make it a magazine article , a blog post or a video - talk about the influence of this geeky persona!

I wonder....what is so unique about her? Hmmm let's think about it .... she could be just another film caricature yet she became the epitome of modern living with a vintage flair!

Here comes the brilliance of Wes Anderson I guess...

1. The girl choice. Well Gwyneth Paltrow was all things cool back then in early 00's. She has just won an Oscar award, had romances with Hollywood's favourite boys and we all looooved her effortless style. Nevertheless, there was a hazy sorrow in her smile...perfect for the role?
2. The adoption. Margot was not an actual Tenenbaum offspring. No no, royalty was not running through her veins!! She was as clever and exceptional but always an outsider...so her behaviour was driven by that fact...yes. And that leads as to...

3. The writing. People who want to share but have difficulty in speaking the words they usually..write them down! And when they want to create their own new world to fit in they turn their writings into scripts...so did Margot. Her theatrical plays are of course extraordinary ....here are some titles : "Nakedness Tonight", "Erotic Transference", "Static Electricity"

4. The fur. There is always something weird and fragile in people who choose to wear fur everyday like Margot - and don't live in Norway...;). As if they are trying to create a warm cave around them in order to feel secure... and protected... and outstanding!!

5. The personalisation. A person who craves for making it's own mark in this world. Builds her style around it. Wears the same red barrette on her sleek cut bob, the same loafers and make up, personalises her pencils,  bears a wooden finger ....

6. The relationships. Married to a psychiatrist she does not feel attracted to and forever  secretly in love with her stepbrother, she is not the kind of girl any man would dream having an affair with....or maybe not??!          

 7. The originality. We have to admit it. No one ever looked like her! She is her own kind and maybe that is the way we all should allow ourselves to be; just the way we are.  Respect our identity. Evolve our strong points and cuddle our flaws.

As Margot pointed out when she was asked about not sewing back her severed finger :

"Wasn't worth it."


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  1. I have been a huge fan of the character of Margo since I first saw The Royal Tenenbaums. I never took the time to delver into the reason but you sure made me think about how much the character has remained one of my favorite eccentric film characters.


    1. Thank you dear Sharon! She is one of my favourites as well..



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