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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Girls just want to have fun: Its Me And You


Let me introduce you to a world where pink rules and girls tend to embrace their inclination towards all things...girly!! It's Me And You world and it's fun and humorous and real.....


The boutique clothing label is quite new and fresh, yet featured in the world's most important fashion magazines such as Purple, LULA, iD or Rookie Mag. The reason why? There is a philosophy behind it that seems to appeal to young ladies all over the world: it is all about girls feeling comfortable and sexy in their own skin, finding beauty in their imperfections and honouring their femininity...






Best friends Julia Baylis and Mayan Toledano are behind the label and it's concept. They are also members of the Ardorous, a platform for female artists showcasing projects between a collective of female professionals. Ardorous is curated by Petra Collins, the photographer and artist behind most of those beautiful pics above...

For us women in our...late thirty's...(!) all this girl power may seem a little strange. We were brought up thinking that our bodies must be either photoshop perfect or hidden and thongs were the only underwear a lover should see us in...And here are all these young ladies posing in their large granny panties - those Feminist panties are sold out by the way -  and feeling totally good about it! And their boyfriends as well..... 
Just another trend or is a change of perspective  already happening??

Hmmmm..let's think about it...meanwhile I 'm leaving you to go and dig up my collection of girly jewelry. Some of them might still suit me now that I've come to think of it...

Have a nice day!


 y ❤️

Me and You 

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