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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

This for boogie

Well well here we go again...new year is already ahead of us and it has been soooo generous with my yohanna. There are a lot of wonderful things going on around here but today I want to focus to This For Me & This For You exhibition. Oh yes my creation above is a part of it - and the cause is as liberating as it is nobble!

Let me explain : people from different backgrounds have been invited to create around a ..penus (!) made of plaster. The idea is to feel comfortable and free of any negative thoughts around this part of human anatomy which considered to have been symbol of creativity and prosperity in ancient civilizations - greek included. The exhibits will be sold at a super event in Romantso (Athens) on the following Thursday 21/01 for a special cause. More information about the event here .

And a little bit about the concept of my, hmmm, penus - well that sounds bizarre - hehehehe!! Having the 70s trend in mind, I was inspired from the atmosphere of the Boogie Nights movie. So I covered the penus in multi coloured sequins and created a sequin star as well - if you care for a  preview, it has  already been featured at Lifo.

So you are all welcome to join us at the party on Thursday, I 'll be more than happy to see you there!!! You can check out my insta as well for updates... 

Lots of boogie kisses!

y ❤️  

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