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Monday, 8 February 2016

Falling for Grace : the cat lover


What is it about fashion people and cats? They seem to love each other endlessly. You can watch those little creatures play their role to campaigns, on prints, on kitten(!) heels either at front row seats! The last is humorously presented at the The Catwalk Cats with Grace's
illustrations of her cats. The book documents the life of Grace Coddington and her companion Didier Malige through the eyes of their hairy little cat friends.


So fashionistas love cats and vice - versa. Any particular reason why that happens? Well from my point of view a person who loves fashion is a person who - above all -  loves constant changes. Who cares about innovation and needs the freedom to change her mind whenever she feels like it. Yes. Freedom and spontaneity are the key words. And maybe, ehhm a little snobbism?? ( check out Karl for that one !).

So a cat is a perfect pet for them. Independed, free, sometimes even behaving like brats, not so loyal and as wild as spoiled darlings at the same time. Oh yes! I prefer them myself as well. Can't stand a dog's loyalty no matter how cute...



I leave you to get on with the rest of your Monday tasks - before that I must ask: are you a cat or a dog person? Or neither?! 

Oh I almost forgot - Grace's cats from the book above are about to be turned into an animated film! Can't wait for that one.....

Lots of kisses!

y ❤️



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  1. beautiful!!!I agree cat love changes,especially when there ia a better one!!


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