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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Baby loading : just another pregnancy diary #not

        Well ...hello! It's been quite a while my friends, I know I know...cause life can be quite unpredictable. When you think you have it all figured out, something happens and everything is..turned upside down!!

Being busy handling job obligations, sticking to a posting schedule and trying to begin writing my thesis a few months ago, news hit me like a hammer...

.... pregnancy test positive!!! No there is no doubt, I am pregnant alright! 

To be honest here, nothing happened without my absolute consent. Me and my man are two grownups who made the decision to start trying to...make a baby!! But someone overestimated herself as being prepared for what was about to happen...

No  I wasn't ready for the whole transformative period in a woman's life that is called pregnancy. I mean everything happened really fast - and I am of course grateful for that! - but still... 

So there I was in my first trimester feeling absolutely scared and a little bit depressed ...until nausea started to show its ugly face and I got really messed up.....didn't really have the courage to do all those things that actually give me fuel to keep up with life's challenges. Had to postpone blogging, yoga or researching for my Msc!! That was a hard one for me. On top of that I had to force myself show up at work when the only thing I felt like doing was sleeping all day long!!!

Then the second trimester came along and things started to get better - feeling the first moves of my little one was somehow liberating and uplifting, I really needed that. A relaxing vacation close to the sea made me feel much better - at beautiful Melitsina in Kardamili (Peloponnese), you should check it out! Swimming during pregnancy turns out to be  soothing and energy boosting at the same time. 

And all that led me to my third trimester....and having to keep up with it during the HOT HOT HOT greek summer!!! But somehow I managed to survive through severe back aches, hot flashes, digestional problems ( and lack of sleep because of the previous ) and organise the nursery, do some baby upbringing reading  and stay positive - most of the days anyway! And here I am now at the end of it all, anticipating to meet this little lady I 've been spending my time with all those months...
Well before I leave you to go and be... a mother (!), I would like to share some thoughts - this is dedicated to all of you who didn't actually ....fancy being pregnant like me :

  •  emotions are going to undertake your world; it's ok, it's the hormones, so just take a deep breath and experience it...it shall pass!!                                                                  
  • there will be some body aching, especially if you are an over - 35 - preggo girl! It is absolutely normal...
  • googling during pregnancy is an absolute NO, NO and NO!! ( Unless it is for searching styling tips about you or your little one...:) ). Find a doctor and a midwife that you trust and confide all your worries in them.
  • try not to gain much weight - everything will be much easier this way. But even if you don't manage that, don't be hard on yourself. You 'll have plenty of time to deal with it postpartum.
  • don't lose yourself - pregnancy is just another period in a woman's life, a period of growth. So stay true to yourself and your ways, keep up with your favorite activities as much as you can, don't let fear take control over you.
  • style your bump up!! I have an upcoming post about that, stay tuned....
  • there will be lots, LOTS of opinions from people around you. Most of them mean well but if it makes you uncomfortable just kindly ask them not to share with you...or get yourself some earplugs!!!
  • read "Bringing up bebe" - soooo enjoyable!
  • don't underestimate your partner or loved ones; they can be true life savers if you just let them.
  • at the end of the day all that matters is to ensure healthy conditions for you and your little one!

And that's about it I guess.... 

Hope you come along with me in this new unknown path of my life...I intend to take one step at a time and keep... blogging about it!

Lots of hugs and kisses from baby - loaded me....

y ❤️

*the above illustration was inspired from Christopher David Ryan's work. Go check him out!


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