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Saturday, 3 March 2018

Fashion and Feminism? It was about time..

 And here we are...they say that something comes to an end when something else is about to begin. When the time is up for it. The time to move on to new adventures...

Let me explain. The past few months have been  intense and joyful at the same time. I completed my research for my thesis concerning a case study around fashion and feminism. Had this idea that the female identity can be shaped through the fashioned body; that clothing plays a significant role in the way she decides to express herself. So when she has this vision of an empowered self - a feminist self - the dress becomes her tool in communicating it. How? Through the modern personal diary - the blog. Women who visualise and infuse this new aesthetics into their blog posts.

Couldn't help but notice that a niche audience has been created around those feminist ideals where bloggers and their followers consider the dress as a way to enhance their personal traits and communicate their messages. Strong, independent women, like feminist writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, choose to raise their voice while rejecting patriarchic  stereotypes of appearance  without rejecting their essence of personal style as well. These women can't be represented by traditional fashion media who continue to objectify the female, promote sexist campaigns and refuse to change.

Because times are changing and we can see that clearly now. Creative women underline the imperativeness of living a life according feminist and humanist ideals; they consume and actually produce fashion with their everyday life style choices which don't follow the stereotypes. Those women need a place where they can find brands created to serve that need, who respect the female gaze and equality and sustainability. A place where icons will be the creative women who are clever, strong, different, beautiful in their uniqueness, kind and talented. Not young, anorexic girls measured according the 90 - 60 - 90 rule....

So I decided to create that place that I intend to call fasfem.com. Fashion system needs to change. And the best way is to just take a deep breath and dive into the waters of that system and shake them. Promote images that respect diversity. Present professionals with strong sense of feminist ethics in the way they do their business. Talk about issues of equality in styling choices. Give young ladies the strong, independent, stylish female role model they need to look up to.

I won't reveal more about fasfem for now. Soon it will be on and you can be informed about it in brief post at Yohanna's of that will be the last post here as well...

Until then...

Lots of kisses!

y ❤

P.S. : for anyone who might have an interest in reading my thesis around Fashion and Feminism, you can find it here. It is a case study on the wonderful work by talented Eleni Kostopoulos of cloudlinechicflows.com whose contribution has been more than precious.
photo via @elise1933com

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